Project Life & Stampin' Up - A perfect match

Happy Friday! I'm sure that all of you crafters who read my blog have already heard - but two of my favourite companies, Stampin Up and Project Life, have joined together to bring out awesome products! 

I have used Stampin Up products for many years and have been using the Project Life system of memory keeping since 2013. Tonight I am so excited to be running a Project Life workshop for my friend Liv, the owner of INKreations, and her team to introduce them to this great way of memory keeping. 

The layouts I will be using in the workshop document the awesome time I had at the Melbourne International Film Festival, amongst other adventures. 

In the workshop we will be creating a number of things including a Project Life spread one of the Project Life Collections and the Stampin Up pockets (these pockets are awesome). I used the Everyday Adventure Cards and Accessory Packs. I also used Stampin Up stamps and the hexagon punch. 

miff layout.jpg

I also wanted to show that you can create traditional layouts using Project Life cards and embellishments. This layout using the gorgeous grunge stamp set for the ink splotches. I used the Metro Type Alphabet and then used Crystal Effects to create the glossy look of the letters. 

I also used the letters and the 3x4 cards, plus some ribbon, to create a mini album of my Top 10 films at MIFF. 

It was so much fun to create these things using these bright and colourful new products. If you want to order them head over to the INKreations website and place your order online. The Project Life products are great value and so fun to use - so get your hot little hands on them ASAP! 

I'm so excited to teach tonight's workshop with Liv and the girls. I hope that you all get a chance to get creative tonight too! Have an amazing weekend cherubs, L xx.