My #miff2014 Wrap Up: Favourite Films of the Fest

Well, that's a wrap! My Melbourne International Film Festival adventure came to an end last weekend. It was a great festival! While I may have been overly ambitious in thinking that I could see over 70 films in two weeks (I ended up seeing 42 films - plus some short films) - I had a great time and saw some incredible, and not so incredible, films. 

I have so many favourite things about MIFF - I get to spend time with lots of friends, see wonderful films in beautiful theatres like The Forum (photo above) and spend time in the Festival Lounge (whether it be playing ping pong with Ash or drinking the most delicious soy mint hot chocolates). 

I saw 42 films over the festival and below are my top ten feature films and my top ten documentaries. I have included my post film tweet review and a link to the films IMDB page. I recommend that you check out these films - some times it's good to step outside the multiplex cinema fare and see something that might be a bit different or outside your usual realm - that's the beauty of films.

Top 10 Feature Films (as you can see I had a bit of an American Indie theme to many of my selections):

  1. Obvious ChildOBVIOUS CHILD is my favourite and film of 41 films at ‪#miff2014. I laughed til I cried & smiled much needed smiles. Joy!
  2. Boyhood BOYHOOD an incredible film. Linklater is truly wonderful and his labour of love shone. 
  3. Appropriate Behaviour APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR was pure gold! Just fantastic! Funny, charming, smart, meaningful, gush gush gush. Loved it. 
  4. Ping Pong Summer PING PONG SUMMER was so awesome, smiled start to finish! Childhood memories of table tennis! Best named lead ever - Rad Miracle! 
  5. We Are The Best WE ARE THE BEST was pure unadultered joy! So much fun! I’m still smiling at those charming little rat bags! 
  6. Locke LOCKE was quite unlike anything I’ve seen for a while. Wonderful film. Tom Hardy utterly brilliant. 
  7. Happy Christmas HAPPY CHRISTMAS was rad! It had everything I love - a dog, a hilarious kid, a tiki bar & Anna Kendrick. Feel good hit. 
  8. Starred Up STARRED UP was intense & stressful but at the same time made you care about the seemingly unlikeable. Brilliant!
  9. The Grandmaster THE GRANDMASTER was visually spectacular, beautifully told & pretty damn cool 
  10. I Origins I ORIGINS was excellent & Marling continues to be my MIFF goddess. This film also reminded me of the power of the universe 

Honorable mentions also go to: Force Majeure, The One I Love & Babylon. 

Top 10 Documentaries:

  1. Keep On Keepin' OnKEEP ON KEEPIN ON was one of the most incredible films of ‪#miff2014. More than a music doco, it was a moving film about friendship & love
  2. Advanced Style ADVANCED STYLE was a glorious joyful celebration of women...I also feel incredibly daggy!
  3. Particle Fever PARTICLE FEVER was fascinating, mind-blowing and strangely emotional. Worth seeing if you can. Science!
  4. Time Is Illmatic TIME IS ILLMATIC was a fascinating doco about one of the most important voices in hip hop and the seminal Illmatic album 
  5. Dinosaur 13 DINOSAUR 13 was a strangely moving film about government bureaucracy and a man’s love for a dinosaur called Sue 
  6. 112 Weddings 112 WEDDINGS was wonderfully charming, reflective and left you wanting more! Great concept!
  7. Pulp: Life, Death & Supermarkets PULP: LIFE DEATH & SUPERMARKETS was everything I wanted it to be. Jarvis you have my heart. 
  8. School of Babel SCHOOL OF BABEL reminds us why it is vital we listen to the views of young people. They have wisdom, experience and grand ideas 
  9. Iranian IRANIAN was a fascinating conversation that I constantly wanted to butt in on and say my piece 
  10. The 50 Year Argument THE 50 YEAR ARGUMENT was an utterly fascinating doco & a must for fans of great writing, world affairs & good books 

To read about all of the other films that I saw at the festival visit me on Twitter @theotherbacall. So there you have it - a great Melbourne International Film Festival! I had a ball, saw some great films and had a lot of fun. I hope that you are able to see some of these films and enjoy them as much as I did. Keep watching, L xx