Winter Wellness Retreat - Come & Join Us for a Life-Changing Experience

I haven't really been here on that blog that much lately, in fact I've had to check out for a while, but I am feeling renewed, refreshed and excited about what the future holds. I am now focussing on my wellness journey and getting to know me. I am passionate about health, wellness and creativity and I am exploring new opportunities in these areas and contemplating exciting new ventures. 

This past year has really been a journey of self discovery for me, exploring my intuition and finding the right path. If you had of told me twelve months ago that I would be having reiki, seeing a naturopath and kiniesiologist, using crystals and tarot cards and passionately participating in yoga and meditation, I would have thought you were joking! These things though have made such an incredible difference in my life and lately I have had some pain but also some incredible revelations. 

When I wasn't in the best place my friend Erin, who is also an amazing meditation teacher and life coach, said to me "It sounds like you're actually having an awakening, and the old world crumbles around you, and it feels terrifying and isolating, but in fact it can just be the illusion is shattering, everything we once thought was real is no longer real, but it's for the best." Hearing this just made me feel like I can do it, whatever 'it' might be. 

Anyway, on my journey I have met some incredible people, one of the most incredible and the person that really started me on this journey was the incredible Abbey Fox. Abbey and I first met each other many years ago when we were at different points in our story, but we reconnected one day and it certainly changed me for the better. Abbey is an inspiring business woman who is working really hard to build her reiki and wellness business, she is also a beautiful reiki practitioner who create safe places for you to explore yourself. 

Abbey is now taking an exciting new step, running Wellness Retreats! This is going to be an amazing experience and I am excited to announce that I am going to be a part of this experience of pure love! I am going to be hosting a creative space where you will be able to visualise and set your intentions, create your own Angel card and explore the healing power of mandalas. I have never done anything like this and I am so excited! I also would love for you to join us!

The Winter Wellness Retreat will be on August 30 and 31st and it will be two days of bliss, love and nourishment for your body and your soul. There will be yoga, meditation, delish vegetarian food, creative spaces, chanting, reiki, a chance to connect with like-minded souls and so much more! It will also be in a beautiful natural setting on the Mornington Peninsula. I guarantee this will be just what you need on the last week of winter. 

To find out more information and to reserve your early bird ticket (at an early bird price) visit Abbey's website! Hope to see your beautiful faces there. Keep shining, L xx.