Some Florida sun in St Petersburg

Hi all, next up on my trip recap is our visit to St Petersburg, Florida. St Petersburg is a place that I probably would never have thought of visiting but we really enjoyed it. We stayed at a beautiful hotel (which we found out later was haunted on the floor we were staying on - we always wondered why the lift always stopped and no one got on) and I went to a really interesting conference, learnt a lot and made some great new friends. 

It was really nice to be on the water and Ash and I made the most of it. Lots of walks along the waterfront, meals outside and we went on a dolphin sightseeing cruise one afternoon.

It was so nice to spend a relaxing afternoon on the water and it was amazing to see dolphins jumping out of the water alongside the boat. It was also like being in an episode of 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous' - waterfront mansions and even Tom Selleck's boat! Unfortunately we didn't have a Magnum P.I. sighting! 

St Petersburg is also a creative hub - full of great galleries, the Dali Museum (which we loved) and a plethora of small businesses selling incredible wares. Our afternoon at the Dali Museum was inspiring, his work has so many layers of meaning and things to see in it. Plus as an added bonus there was a Warhol exhibit - my absolute favourite artist. A lot of his portraits were on display, which always make me think! 

It was also great to visit some great local shops - such as Strands of Sunshine. This is an amazing store run by the gorgeous Amy, assisted by her super cute dog. She makes the most incredible jewellery and sells so many things made by local creatives. If you are ever in the area make sure that you visit Amy! 

Another great creative place to visit in St Petersburg is the amazing scrapbooking store called Whim So Doodle. For a local scrapbooking store starved Aussie this store was like heaven - look how overwhelmed with choice I was and look at Ash - he's meant to look grumpy that I was spending money, but really it is more of an eye-rolling pose at not yet another posed scrapbooking photo! 

St Petersburg has everything, beautiful weather, lovely places to stay, great food and art! Next stop - LA! See you there for the last stop of our trip! L xx