Minneapolis - a nice surprise!

Hi everyone, greetings from Nashville! Nashville however is a post for another day, today I am going to fill you in on our time in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In fact we were lucky to make it to Minneapolis after enduring the worst turbulence I have ever experienced on our flight from Denver - white knuckles don't even begin to describe it! Poor Ash I nearly broke his hand I was squeezing it so hard!

Now, before visiting all I knew about this city was that Brenda and Brandon Walsh were from Minnesota (the Minnesota twins geddit? That's a little baseball humour). Well, Minneapolis is so much more than this. 

From a work perspective I had a great time learning about their inclusive programs in the state. I even went out to the country to visit a preschool and they were so excited to have someone from Australia there that they took my photo for their district newspaper which was pretty cool! The drive out there did make me feel like I was in the film Fargo though! 

Dear readers you probably aren't that interested in what I learnt about the Pyramid Model, statewide implementation and inclusive preschool classrooms - so I will fill you in on the other things Ash and I got up to! Don't forget for Ash's perspective visit his blog www.ashjacnic.blogspot.com - I guarantee it is a great read and their will be lots of talk of food and sightseeing!

Well whenever I asked anyone about what to see in Minneapolis everyone said the Mall of America - the biggest mall in the USA - so we had to go check it out! It was certainly big, in fact big doesn't even explain it, it is surreal and overwhelming - there is even an amusement park inside! So insane! We had a great dinner there Crave - we had sushi (so take that American burgers), which was delish. We didn't stay long at the mall as we don't have much luggage room so couldn't buy anything, but I couldn't resist a pair of Minnetonka silver moccasins - when in Rome (or Minnesota) hey! 

Now Ash is the cruise director of this trip - while I am at work he investigates the best places and the most delicious food, so when I finish work for the day I can head out and have some fun! In Minneapolis he found this great place called Bryant Lake Bowl! BLB is a restaurant, great bar, awesome music and an old school bowling alley! It was so much fun - the food was so good (we had a curry, pad thai and kimchi sliders), great beer and a fun time bowling (we won one game each) - we even had carrot cake for dessert on the lanes. So much fun and a great way to finish out three nights in Minneapolis.

Next stop Nashville and I will be back next week with a Nashville wrap-up so I will be back then! But between now and then I will be back with a Scrapbooking Layout for Polly! so stay tuned! Love love love, Lauren xxxx