Denver - A Mile High and Great Fun

Hi All, Greetings from Denver! For the next month and I my husband Ashley and I will travelling around the United States. For a lot of it I will be working - exploring the Pyramid Model in preschools across the US, this model is about providing supports and strategies for including children with additional needs in early childhood settings. And Ash…well he is walking and eating his way around the cities that we visit! You can read more about Ashley's adventures at or you can follow our hashtags on Instagram #ashlaurenusa or #ashburgerz (for all of the food that we eat!). 

We had an absolutely amazing time in Denver. We arrived on Friday and spent the weekend sightseeing (and doing a little bit of shopping), plus we walked our way around the city exploring. A highlight was visiting the Denver Mountain Parks - it was so breathtakingly beautiful, with a favourite spot being the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. We also saw snow (it is pretty cold here) and elk! 

Sports, sports, sports! We went to an ice hockey game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was so much fun - an incredible atmosphere! We even witnessed a shoot out (Colorado lost). We also headed to the baseball - to a stadium with the most incredible view of the Rocky Mountains. We also enjoyed all the stadium food - popcorn, hot dogs, BBQ and great beer that was brewed in the baseball stadium!

FOOD! The food in Denver has been amazing! I've eaten two of the best burgers of my life, incredible Mexican and mind blowingly good Voodoo Doughnuts. To see what we are eating follow #ashburgerz and #ashlaurenusa on Instagram. You'll be happy to know though we have been walking, hitting the gym and I did power hot yoga - so while we are feasting we are trying our best to burn it off! 

So, that is Denver and we loved it! From a work perspectively I also saw some incredible examples of early childhood inclusion where children were valued and respected. It was so inspiring to share and learn with my Denver colleagues. Anyway, we are off to the airport - next stop Minneapolis! L xx