Kale Pesto & Zuchinni Pasta (but it's not really pasta, it more like a bowl of skinny vegetables!)

I really love cooking (and well as a continuation, eating!). Ash and I try to eat reasonably healthy and I am a fan of different food and healthy alternatives of favourite dishes. Pasta - the food that my dreams are made of - carbs, oil and cheese! Well, I have tried to healthy-up one of my favourite dishes - pesto pasta! 

Here is my basic recipe (it's very basic, no measurements) and you can have dinner on the table in ten minutes! This dish serves two people. 


STEP ONE: Make the 'pasta'. Take four zucchini (or two of the massive ones) and put them through the Spirooli. A spirooli is an amazing invention that has changed my life - it turns vegetables into curly noodles! I bought my Spirooli here but if you don't have one, you can use a vegetable peeler and make thin ribbons. I then pat the noodles with a paper towel to get rid of the excess moisture.

chopping board.jpg

STEP TWO: Gather your ingredients. Take a bunch of kale (strip the leaves from the stalks), a big handful of toasted nuts (I use almonds or walnuts), a handful of shredded parmesan (if you are vegan add a handful of soaked cashews), chopped chilli's (or chilli paste), salt & pepper, a big glug of olive oil, and the equivalent glug of lemon juice.










STEP THREE: Make the pesto. Put all of the ingredients into the food processor and then blend into pesto consistency. 









finished dinner.jpg

STEP FOUR: Add a bit of oil to a large pan and once heated warm the noodles in the pan. Add the pesto and mix together to warm through. For extra protein I might add salmon fillets or a tin of tuna. Eat and enjoy! Lxx