A Grand Entrance to AAMI Park! Go Heart!

For those of you don't know, my husband Ash is pretty much the biggest fan of Melbourne Heart Football Club, one of the two A-League soccer teams here in Melbourne Australia. Ash is such a massive supporter that he and his friend even write a blog call The Big Heart, make sure you check it out for all of the latest Heart news!

Due to my husband's enthusiasm for Melbourne Heart I have become pretty keen too. We are members, I go to most home games and even though I don't know the rules and sometimes spend more time talking and eating hot chips than watching the game, I am a big fan. 

Anyway, on Friday 17 January Heart were playing their 100th game and as part of the celebrations Heart ran a number of competitions, including the opportunity to go to the game on the Westpac Search & Rescue helicopter. The chopper would even land in the stadium. Ash encouraged me to enter the competition, all I had to do was say in 25 words or less why I loved Melbourne Heart. So I entered and embarrassingly, I WON!! 

When I got the call on Thursday from David at Melbourne Heart to say I had won the prize I couldn't stop laughing! I couldn't believe it! I am one of the daggiest people around so to win this is definitely something that would happen to me! Then I got an email telling me that one of my favourite Heart players ever was driving me to the chopper! Talk about luck!


Friday afternoon Ash and I headed to AAMI park, where Clint Bolton was waiting with the match ball. That's one thing I forgot to say, as part of the prize I got to bring the match ball into the stadium and place it on the podium. Here are Clint and I before the flight!

I was joined on the chopper by Desi from Westpac, junior Heart member Fraser and Robbie Slater the ex-Australian football player turned commentator. 

We took off from Yarra Bank and flew for 20 minutes over the Melbourne CBD and the surrounding suburbs - it was absolutely breathtaking to see my city from another angle! We even flew over our house! Such a thrill! The pilots were so wonderful and you can tell that Westpac only employ the best of the best to fly their rescue choppers. 

city view.jpg
AAMI park.jpg

Then the moment came for our descent into AAMI Park! It was so surreal to get out of the helicopter and hear the roar of the crowd (over the roar of the helicopter)! Once we were escorted out of the helicopter I looked up and saw my friends in the stands and forgot all embarrassment and just waved like a happy madwoman! I was even on TV!!

Ash was also lucky enough to be sitting on the pitch during the match as a blogger for the match so it was such a great night for both of us! Ash snapped this picture of me as I was heading to place the ball on the podium! Clearly I gave the ball some luck, because Melbourne Heart won 3-0! 


Thank you so much to both Melbourne Heart and Westpac for this amazing opportunity! It was a moment I will never forget! Go Heart!! Now, it will certainly be a bit of a challenge to go back to riding my bike or taking the train to the match! L xx