Welcome to Love.Life.Lauren


Welcome to Love.Life.Lauren my little creative space on the internet where I can share life, memories, moments and my creations. My name is Lauren, I'm in my early 30's and I live with my husband Ash (who can be found at www.thebigheart.co) in inner-city Melbourne Australia. We love life, going out and just enjoying ourselves. I am mad for papercraft (Project Life, Scrapbooking, Papercraft), yoga, reiki and wellness, fitness, food (hence the fitness), cinema, travelling, reading and just being.

Ash and I don't have any children and I think that brings something different to my scrapbooking. About 5 years ago I was really into traditional scrapbooking but I stopped because I felt that because I didn't have any children that my scrapbooking wasn't worthwhile, as most people I saw only scrapbooked their children. I thought my memories weren't as valid. I then found a lot of young women like Amy Tangerine, Kelly Purkey and Elise Cripe, without children (at the time), scrapping, crafting and documenting the everyday. I saw that their memories were meaningful and valid and that Project Life was a great way to tell my story in a fun way that could capture all of the things that make up our lives. So that is why I got into Project Life and I am absolutely loving it!

Not only do I love Project Life but I also just love making - cards, wall art, gifts. (I am also a little bit in love with my Cameo - it will be a long lasting relationship) I love that when you are making something or capturing a memory, you are thinking about people and moments and putting that love out there in the universe. It also helps process and go beyond the hard times.

One of my biggest inspirations is my work in the not-for-profit sector, where I advocate for social justice and human rights, to ensure that everyone can live a full life that they will love. This is why I love memory keeping, I can tell my story, share the life I love and the story of the community I work within (plus sometimes my pages get a little political).

On a creative level I am inspired by so many things. Design, typography, street art, supplies, the world around me, film, colour, blogs and my fellow makers and creatives. I am inspired by love and life. I hope that you will join me on my journey through Love.Life.Lauren. This blog just wont be scrapbooking, it will include food, books, film and life. L xxx