Week 43 ... just a little bit behind hey?

Now that the Christmas craft mayhem of 2013 is behind me I am back into my Project Life. I have finally finished Week 43 - which is the 21 - 27 October! October!!! I really need to get into it so that I can finish the year while I'm on holidays! Did I forget to mention that I am on glorious holidays for two whole blissful weeks! Incredible! No plans, just Ash and I hanging out at home. Total bliss!

For Week 43 I used the amazing Printshop collected by the super talented Shanna Noel. Shanna is one of my favourite Project Lifers and Scrapbookers - I just love her style and the way she puts products together. Make sure you check out her work - I love it!

week 43.jpg

I think Printshop would have to be one of my favourite collections of 2013. The colours and the style are very much in-line with my own style! I absolutely adored the 3x4 cards, the mini flair, the veneer, the vellum stars and not to mention the papers. The colours were just divine to play with! Pinks, oranges and blues! I gush. I gush. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is only paper! 

One of the great things about not being up to date with Project Life is that I get to relive great fun moments and this week was one of those weeks! There were fun social outings and food, plus a chance to get crafty with a new friend Kate from FiveatEleven

I also saw some incredibly inspiring dance with another new friend at the Melbourne Festival. Sylvie Guillem performed 6000 miles away. She is such an incredible contemporary dancer and her performance really look my breath away. Watching her, you could just tell that dance was her everything. Loved it. 

Now, I do have to apologise for my really dodgy layout photos! I need to start using our good camera, not my little point and shoot. Please bear with me, I promise that they will get better!

Anyway, I'm off to have a pre-Chrissy celebration with some of my favourite people so I'm outta here. Keep smiling. L xx