My Project Life Journey

This year, 2013, has been the first year of my Project Life journey. I started keen, and on top of it, at the beginning of the year and now as the year has progressed I am a month or so behind, but still loving it!

week 1 LHS.jpg

In the beginning I had one core kit - Seafoam and this formed the the first few weeks. This kit is one of the constant features of my Project Life during the year and by year end I will have filled three Seafoam albums! Who knew life was so full!

Since week one, my style and supplies have expanded! I don't know about the rest of you but supplies are as addictive as the creating! (Although I am not sure Ash or my bank balance truly appreciate this addiction!)



I loved creating with the Becky Higgins core kits - sometimes I mix them in with my other supplies but other times I focus on using one kit for a layout. Here is a week using solely the Kraft kit:

week 42.jpg

I have also loved using my monthly kit subscriptions, both from the US and here in Australia. I subscribe to two kit clubs.

Polly Scrap Kits - An Australian monthly kit-club that is full of lots of yummy goodies!

Here is a week that I created using solely the Polly kit. 

week 34.jpg
tavi layout.jpg


I was also able to create an insert on a great talk I went to, by the amazing young woman Tavi Gevinson - find out more about her HERE.

Project Life reinspired my love to make more traditional layouts but I now take more risks, use different products and capture every day, rather than special occasion, moments.







Studio Calico is another great monthly kit club that I subscribe to that has so many awesome products, plus they also provide a great online community.

week 36.jpg

Kits are great as they allow you to get a snapshot of the different products and have them all coordinated for but they also  take me out of my comfort zone and force me take risks in my creations!

If you are interested in kit clubs but are not sure if they are for you I recommend you jump onto the Paperclipping Roundtable and download the episode that looks at kit clubs. Super interesting and you can hear from Polly Scrap Kits owner, Ruth Bonser, give her perspective on working with kits.

I also use my own supplies and my stash. Here is an example of what I recently created using a Typo paper pack, stamps, washi, flair and my neverending supply of stickers and other bits and bobs.

week 37.jpg

Since starting Project Life my process has changed and evolved. I print at home. I plan using Marcy Penner's planning sheets and they have really helped track life and keep all of the bits and pieces from adventures, work and the day to day all in the one place. By doing this it has been easy to be able to dip in and out when I have time.

Now my blog is here, out in the ether for the world (or basically my family members who I pester to look at the site), I hope to post all my weeks here (well most, well probably just some), maybe it might make me a bit more accountable to getting pages done, rather than just rearranging pictures and embellishments over and over again while I watch mass episodes of Angel in my craft room!

L xx